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Welcome to ReadMeAStoryToday!  It is here I want to connect with you and help you spark the love of reading in children and families.  I believe that Reading Aloud to children is one of the best things you can do to create a bond with your child but also expose them to the world of possibilities.


You deserve it! Virtual kit has been extended!

Updated: May 2

Last night I treated myself! I left my family at the table after dinner to clean up and I went to be a part of a virtual paint night with Usborne Books & More! Today is Saturday and I finally finished my picture.. I like my quote. We get to choose the road we take.

You see when you are self-employed you can either work all the time because the work is never done or your family can get all of your attention and you never get any work done. Either way, it’s a balance, but I am learning how to focus on the things I want to do that bring me joy.

Don’t get my wrong-my family brings me so much joy but my business also brings me joy even though “ it’s my work“.

You can try something just for you during this time for only $30 and you get $30 in free 📚 too! We designed this kit so we could help families during this time. Join Here!

Usborne Books & More is considered essential and we have found that people are buying more books this month than even in November! It’s actually quite amazing! We are making a difference!

Join the tractors 🚜 today and the next virtual night we will be painting a tractor! Want to guess why we are called the Tractors?

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