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Welcome to ReadMeAStoryToday!  It is here I want to connect with you and help you spark the love of reading in children and families.  I believe that Reading Aloud to children is one of the best things you can do to create a bond with your child but also expose them to the world of possibilities.


What are germs?

Do you ever wonder? What are germs? Why is it so important that I wash my hands?

Where do they live and how do they spread? It’s time to zoom in for a closer look… This informational book for very young children has amusing and friendly illustrations, and children will love peeking under the flaps to find out all about germs and hygiene. Also available in Spanish Tambien disponible en español Series: Lift-the-Flap Very First Questions and Answers Curious little children can lift over 30 flaps in each book to find the answers to many questions in this delightful series, with simple explanations and gorgeous illustrations on every page.

I am offering this book for $10 sale instead of $12.99 for those who are interested. It will cost $3.00 in medial mail to send to you. I have a limited supply on hand so let me know right away.


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