My Mom, my rock!

I hope all of you had a great holiday. I know this year has been just a bit different for all of us. I know some of you have lost jobs, lost loves ones, and not able to get together with your family and good friends. I know this year was different for me. Because you share your life with me, I wanted to share something personal with you. I lost my mom on Dec. 30th (not covid related). I am thankful that she lived until 84 years old. I am realized that not only did I look like her but my passions in life are just like her. This was the last picture we have of her taken a few weeks before Christmas. She taught kindergarten when I was in high school and then went on to be trained as a dyslexic therapist by the Neuhaus Education Center in 1982. She worked in private practice for 14 years. Then in retirement, she moved to a small town outside of Austin and was President of the Lago Vista women's Club who raised over 20,000 in money for college scholarships for high school girls. She also taught bible study at our church. I always admired her knowledge of the bible. So why am I telling you this?

My grit and determination to do this business is because of her grit and determination. My passion for getting kids excited about reading is because of her commitment to kids of all ages. My work with my UBAM tractors team is because I enjoy watching their successes and the confidence that grows from that success. And like her and many of you, my greatest joy is my grandchild. (maybe grandchildren one day, but I am not holding my breath)

You will hear more from me in the next couple of weeks about an endowment fund that we would like to set up in her honor and I will be holding events to raise money for this fund. As always, I am sure you will support me in honoring my mom.

Thank you, as always for your support of my business and letting me share my life with you.

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