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helping to spark the love of reading in children and families

Welcome to ReadMeAStoryToday!  It is here I want to connect with you and help you spark the love of reading in children and families.  I believe that Reading Aloud to children is one of the best things you can do to create a bond with your child but also expose them to the world of possibilities.


Looking for ways to learn from home?

Learning Palette is the FUN, HANDS-ON, SELF-CORRECTING learning game that teaches essential grade-appropriate skills without batteries or electricity. The Starter Kit includes a Learning Palette Base with 12 grade-appropriate learning cards covering essential skills.

This set includes the following cards: Counting -, Rhyming Words -, Alphabet -, Beginning Consonants -, Beginning Vocabulary - and Vowels

Set with more Advanced Cards for old kids also available.

We are committed to helping you get the things you need to keep your child learning so we are offering FREE shipping on $80 or more in purchases until Wednesday, March 18th. Make sure to check out our new Learning from Home category on the left-hand side. Order here at


Let me help your child!