"I am bored!"

Have you heard those fateful words... "I'm bored!!" ... a lot more in the past 6 months? You're definitely NOT alone. 😉😂 So... are there actually benefits to letting your kids get bored?? YEP!!! Here are just a few!

1. Boredom improves mental health. 😲 When anyone's mind "runs wild," the brain is allowed to process things, leading to more self-reflection. This precursor to meditation has untold mental benefits -- encouraging neuroplasticity, increasing "grit," and more.

2. Boredom increases creativity. "Children need to learn to take initiative and think of ways to occupy themselves that are not dictated by someone else," says Dr. Teresa Belton. "It’s a stimulus to imagination and creativity." (see article link below.)

3. Boredom helps develop problem-solving skills. "(Being bored) encourages initiative and problem-solving, as they have to rely on themselves to tackle the ‘problem’ of being bored," says Dr. Belton.

Want to know more? Here's that article about the benefits of boredom, and here's another one. And another one!

And for great activities for your kids to do when they get bored... click here. 😎

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