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Welcome to ReadMeAStoryToday!  It is here I want to connect with you and help you spark the love of reading in children and families.  I believe that Reading Aloud to children is one of the best things you can do to create a bond with your child but also expose them to the world of possibilities.



Updated: Mar 8

Today is the weekend and Doodle day! I think we as moms have a hard time saying yes, to us! The older I get the more I realize that if I am going to be happy I have to take care of me. Self-care is more than just going to get a massage every few weeks, it's doing something every day for you. I am working on a list that I continue to add to things I like to do. It may be to treat myself to a coffee at Starbucks or sitting in my hot tub. It may be just to pick up a pizza roll /greek salad for lunch at pizza fino. Or it may be just to take a few minutes to draw! I am working up to doing 3 things every day for myself. This is hard. We expect so much of ourselves as moms. So today, what are you going to do for yourself? Share with us your ideas! We might like to do that too!

Sometimes having things to keep kids busy is a way of self-care for us! I call these mom problems because sometimes we have to get creative to get our time we need to focus on us. Here is a video I made of fun books to help.


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