Best Set for Struggling Readers

Usborne Very First Reading Series- Set of 15 hardback books for $69.99. . This is the best series especially for struggling readers but great for those that don't struggle too. They will just move thru the series quicker and they will understand more about how works are made up of parts.

Here is why this series is great for struggling readers. Struggling readers have to work really hard to read. Think about what is it would be like if you had to suddenly become a plumber and everyone around you was getting it, but all you were thinking about was- "I really hate plumbing! " Plumbing is essential. You know you have to have it but...... This series puts the fun back into reading because the parent is doing some of the work. You get all the benefits of enjoying the benefits of plumbing without having to work so hard. It is based on synthetic phonics that is presented in a sequential way. #earlyliteracy#earlychildhooddevelopment#readmeastorytoday#literacymatters#earlyliteracymatters#strugglingreaders

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