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Last week, I just finished a book fair at a new Montessori School who just opened their doors a year ago this month. In less than 5 days they sold over $3270 in books. They are a small school with only around 72 families. They actually earned $ 1635 in free books. But here is the twist. They decided to give the parents a $10 discount when they bought $50 in books. See for every $50 in books sold, the school earned $25 in free books, so they just gave away some of their free books. I believe this was the reason this book fair was so successful. They gave away $500 in free books but still earned $ 1135 in books for 3 classes. They are extremely pleased with the results and booked another book fair for December. Want to consider a book fair for your school? We have so many options to make it successful for you and your partnerships with your parents. Reach out to me today to help me help you change literacy today! #marinermontessori #usborne #ubambookfair #kidswhoread #kidsbooks

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